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I don’t know what God’s plan for me- nothing is working

QUESTION:Every morning when I wake up I cry a lot due to stress, I can’t sleep I can’t find happiness I don’t know myself anymore I feel like killing myself I don’t see my life going on anymore. I don’t know what God’s plan is for me but nothing is working.have gone through hell in my life but no one will understand that only me.

Emotional healing can only start happening when there is an intentional movement of thoughts and emotions from within to without from a hurting soul.


Conversation is the exchange of thoughts,emotions,ideas,feelings and impressions. We believe self expression is the key that unlocks healing for depression,Anger,anxiety and panic attack.To get you started we have put together Depression,anger,anxiety and panic attack tests to help create the flow from you to foster subsequent engagement in the healing process.

Emotiohealth Forum is an opportunity for you and i to engage in a conversation that would see an exchange of thoughts,emotions,feelings and ideas on topics such as depression,anxiety,anger,and panic attacks. You will ask questions bothering you like right now and i will have the opportunity to respond to them real time,and responses from the tribe too.

Welcome to Emotiohealth Live Forum!.Here we permit ourselves to share our happiness,our stresses,our sadness,our great breakthroughs etc.The bottom line is. We keep it really. If you feel this is your type of tribe and here is where you belong, is what you can do to participate in the forum.

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