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Baby Daddy-Just Married another woman.

QUESTION: Please advise! Baby Daddy-Just Married another woman. but I still love him. He has left me with one yr old baby 😭

Sincerely speaking this a horrific experience to go through as a woman. So many questions are lingering on your mind on what he has done and he is unavailable for comment or answers.

You are like, “what big sin i did i commit that you can’t forgive me?. Why would you rather leave me at a time when i need you most? What about the child! What wrong is she guilt of to warrant being left by her dad? What about the image i had of a complete family! Our children being raised by both parents? Which language will i ever use to justify to the child her father abandoning her.

So sad! I can’t hold my tears. As i write this my mind can’t stop mulling over the pain this innocent child who will have to contend with.Living without a father who sired him without a gun pointed at him.


1 Redeeming the Relationship Is there a chance, even the slimmest of all, that the baby daddy can come back? How can you converse so you are able to find out his reasons for walking out? Its not about how justified his reasons for walking out are, rather its about getting him to open up about the whole issue of him leaving. His sharing will open up the space so you can ask questions, reply while engaging your mind also.

2 Making changes to accommodateBaby Daddy-Just Married another woman. him back-After the conversation in 1 above, are there changes you have realized you can make to create the emotional,mental,and spiritual space to welcome him back?

3 Grieve his loss and move onBaby Daddy-Just Married another woman.The relationship is irredeemable. You have had the conversation yes, but he is determined to carry on with his plan.Unfortunately this is the most painful phase. However, there is a lot at stake here; one parent has walked out of the child’s life, which leaves only one standing. Fortunately, you are the last parent standing.

As the mother, you need to be left in good shape emotionally,mentally, spiritually and physically to be present and helpful to the child. This state of emotions and mind is not the default now, but with the three basic steps i use with my clients, you will be on your fit again. Ready to take up the challenge and raise your child singlehandedly, at least in the immediate future.

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Here are two options you should take to release and heal the pain of break up.Be ready to move on.

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