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Emotional illness-How it manifest in your physical body

DILEMMA:Do you guys ever get so sad and down that it physically hurts

Absolutely! I have experienced moments in my life when am so overwhelmed with negative emotions, and the more they persisted the more that hurt was translated into my physical body. What you are feeling is no surprise, that is exactly what ought to happen. According to how human beings are wired and designed, the emotional state of a person manifests into physical state. Sometimes immediately, sometimes eventually.

The truth is that you will experience moments like that time and time, moments that make you feel sad, angry, bitter, revengeful,etc. Its how you react to such moments that will have a permanent impact on your life.

As a human being you were designed to experience and express the emotions and thoughts generated from these experiences.

Listen to this Video to learn how to respond to emotionally overwhelming situations

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