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How do you handle an emotional abusive wife?

DILEMMA:Emotional Abusive Wife-Hey, How do you deal with a wife who doesn’t care about you! She abuse you bad words like front of your parents! She does not respect your parent! I’m dip stress…..what can i do to now! Married and mature come here solve this case please.

One of the major reason people get married is out of the desire to share and give their best to their partners, and receive the same in return. Unfortunately, emotional abuse from any of the partner is never part of the package, otherwise we wouldn’t have marriages today. Yet there is so much cases of emotional abuse from partners to another, and this has is tarnishing the sanctity and the image of the marriage at an alarming rate.

So what do you do with an emotionally abusive wife or husband? Do you assume the pain they subject into or what do you basically do? That is the spot the man in the dilemma above is on. In this video i explain the options he has.

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