Letting Go-Emotional &Mental Detachment

Emotional health is a reality when you are able to focus all your emotional,psychologically and spiritually resources on the present opportunities for relationships,business and career so you become the best version of yourself with every opportunity seized and maximized.

Letting Go is releasing emotionally,psychologically and spiritually all the persons whose acts of commission and omission make up your painful and hurtful story.

Releasing the persons responsible for your pain and hurt comprises of two major sections:Attaching responsibility over the pain and hurt suffered by the counselee/coachee. Unconditional forgiveness to the persons who caused you the pain and hurt.


1 Instant feeling of relief-like a huge load has been taken off your shoulders.Anger,hatred,revenge,and resentment you held against the persons that hurt you was a huge emotional burden you have been carrying until today.

2 Clarity of mind-Your mind and emotions become clearer and for the first time for along time you can breathe uncontaminated air of personal reasoning,feeling and experience.

3 No more Self Condemnation and GuiltThe nudging guilt feeling that you abated the emotional,psychological and physical abuse meted to you would be melted there and then.

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3LEmotional process is sequential and each subsequent stage depends on the foundation already laid down in preceding stage.Pleasure ensure you have gone through the first stage-LETTING OUT, before navigating to the next stage-LETTING GO


Conversation is the exchange of thoughts,emotions,ideas,feelings and impressions. We believe self expression is the key that unlocks healing for depression,Anger,anxiety and panic attack.To get you started we have put together Depression,anger,anxiety and panic attack tests to help create the flow from you to foster subsequent engagement in the healing process.

Life Skills like Assertiveness,Negotiation,Interpersonal Skills,Intrapersonal skills are important tools without which your right to emotional and mental health is highly compromised. In Letting In Stage, we will look at skills that you lacked as while the abuse was happening so you can learn them to stop a repeat of that cycle.

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