Emotional and mental health is actually taking personal responsibility on treating yourself right and using that as a standard to teach others to treat you right. Loving your neighbor as your love yourself comes with a territory! First and foremost you need the intrapersonal skills to connect with the authentic you and give the authentic you permission to express himself/herself in all the engagements with others. Without a doubt lack of some skills compromised the exercise of your right to treat you right and insisting on being treated right by all others in your past relationships,businesses,and career engagements. In stage no 3-LETTING IN, we identify those skills you lacked and work on installing them into your life.


1 Identifying the personal goals,ambitions and vision you have always had but failed to execute for want of courage and life skills.

2 Identify the skills needed to carry out the personal goals,ambitions and vision from inception to completion.

3 Adoption and installation of the identified skills in no 2, and roll out of these skills in your present relationship(s), career,and business goals achievement.


1 Freedom to experience happiness,sadness and the inside-out permission to express the feelings and thoughts associated with the happiness and and sadness to your partner,parent,boss,and generally in all your relationships.

2 Self confidence in exercising your right of choice and decision as far as your goals,ambitions, vision communication and execution is concerned.

3 Attracting new associations, friends,mentors who have been where you are now ,but now they are where you wannabe. This is the level you have always wanted to be..


Conversation is the exchange of thoughts,emotions,ideas,feelings and impressions. We believe self expression is the key that unlocks healing for depression,Anger,anxiety and panic attack.To get you started we have put together Depression,anger,anxiety and panic attack tests to help create the flow from you to foster subsequent engagement in the healing process.

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