Through Conversation

THROUGH-emotional and logical exchange.

1 SHARING YOUR STORY. You have a story based on your childhood, and adulthood experiences. In your story are embedded painful and hurtful emotions and thoughts picked from the experiences. These suppressed emotions and thoughts have kept you stagnant and they are the cause of your broken relationships,broken careers and failed businesses. The reason is that these emotions hold your emotional,mental and spiritual motors from propelling you towards achievements of your daily,monthly,and annual goals,because at the end of the day all the energy reserves are depleted before you have attempted any of the goals.As you share your story these suppressed emotions and thoughts are brought to the surface and using the knowledge of healing from emotional baggage,these emotions would be addressed once and for all.

2 INVITING THE COACH INTO YOUR WORLD-The purpose of the coach is to work with you from the spot you as at the time you cried for help, towards the desired spot in terms of relationships,business and career.This is only a mission possible, if you and the coach can read from the same script as far as your past -present is concerned and consequently from your desired future.

3 CONNECT WITH YOURSELF-During the conversation, the coach will provide you with real time feedback, as he occasionally asks you to shed more details on what a thought or emotions you shared in your story. This affords you the opportunity to hear and connect with your own thoughts and emotions. This helps in creating the rapport needed between you and the coach to ensure success of the rest of the stages of healing.

Conversation is the exchange of thoughts,emotions,ideas,feelings and impressions. We believe self expression is the key that unlocks healing for depression,Anger,anxiety and panic attack.To get you started we have put together Depression,anger,anxiety and panic attack tests to help create the flow from you to foster subsequent engagement in the healing process.

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