Achieving Emotional Freedom

TO ACHIEVE-Emotional release and healing.

Emotional freedom-Finally give yourself permission to express your thoughts,feelings and opinions without waiting for any ones permission.

Release all the negative toxic emotions and release all your emotional, psychological and spiritual energies to focus on achieving your life goals.

Heal from depression through writing and sharing your story,releasing the pain and ultimately healing through Letting out,Letting Go,and Letting in.

I believe self expression is the key that unlocks healing for depression,Anger,anxiety and panic attack.To get you started we have put together Depression,anger,anxiety and panic attack tests to help create the flow from you to foster subsequent engagement in the healing process.


Emotional release therapy is an alternative healing method used to help release a person’s negative energy. This technique is widely used in grief therapy and in other areas of emotional trauma. It is also successful in healing both physical and emotional wounds. Emotional Release Technique

Feel Your Pain the Right Way
One of the main tenets of the emotional release technique is the need to release past emotional hurts and pains. To do this a person must go through a process of feeling their pain.

Emotional releasing techniques require a person to discover what past hurts and emotions are currently causing mental or physical pain. Once these hurts are discovered they can be released, eventually alleviating the problem and filling the person with positive energy.

Release Your Pain
The use of an emotional releasing therapy is best accomplished with the help of someone trained in the methods of emotional release. The process of releasing emotions can be quite intense and a guide will be able to help you through the rough spots.

A guide will encourage you to focus on your body and discover any stress, tension, or pain. Different parts of the body tend to attract and store the negative energy from specific types of problems. For example, the chest will be filled with your sadness, the solar plexus will be the point where fear and anger reside, and the heart chakra is the gathering place for the pain of grief and lost love.

Once you are aware of where your pain is located you can focus your energy on releasing the negative energy that is causing the pain. One popular technique for emotional release is to imagine you have focused a hot, white laser beam on the area. As you breathe in the laser beam will break apart the past hurts and when you breathe out the negative energy from these hurts will be released.

The New and Empowered You
Once you have experienced the benefits of emotional releasing techniques you will want to continue using the release methods to rid your body of negative energy. With practice you will be able to perform the techniques on your own without the use of a guide. The use of emotional release techniques will leave you feeling happy, positive, and empowered. For information on Somatic Emotional release.

Emotional freedom is a right you were born with to experience the outside events and interactions, give the events emotional and psychological meaning, and have these emotions and thoughts generated attached to the memories in your life.

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